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The Sacramento valley has finally warmed up.  If you haven't got your veggie garden planted.  NOW is the time! 

Tomatoes are the most planted vegetable in United States gardens.  BUT the are probably also among the most poorly planted crops.  Here is what you need to know about getting your tomatoes planted properly.

First find some varieties that ripen their fruit early to kick off the tomato season.   "Early Girl" tomato variety will do that for you.   Secondly, check out tomato varieties that are suited to our climate.  We grow "indeterminate type" tomaotes.  They keep producing throughout the growing season.  You will always have fruit at the peak off flavor for slicing or making tomato sauce or salsa. 

We started from seed 12 different varieties in the greenhouse.  We chose Sweet 100s, Sun Gold, Yellow Pear, Cherokee Purple, Virginia Sweet,  Beef Master, Better Boy, Champion, Early Girl, San Marzano, and Lemon Boy.  Our plants all have great root balls.   With their big root ball, the tomatoes are posed to take off like a juicy red or yellow rocket.   We have just a few left.  I know we moved over 100 tomato plants from 6 packs to 4 inch containers.  

Be careful when feeding your tomatoes.  Don't use too much nitrogen rich fertilizer.  A soil drench with compost tea every two weeks will be enough.  Don't let the plants get water stressed, but don't overwater them.  Overwatering reduces their flavor.

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